Three Incredible Newport News Destinations That You Can Not Afford To Miss

If you are in Newport News for the weekend you might have already fallen so deeply in love that you don’t want to leave. Surrounded by the gorgeous Virginia Beach and historic Williamsburg, it is easy to see why so many people begin to come back here year after year. However, even after multiple vacations, it is easy to miss some of our local treasures. SO if you are on the hunt for something new or just wanted to revisit an old favorite, think about one of these top local destinations.

Virginia Living Museum

Did you ever think it was possible to visit with a rare red wolf, loggerhead turtle and T-Rex all in one day? Well at the Virginia Living Museum it is a possibility. Billed as half aquarium and half zoo, it is an all around great place to visit for the day.There are multiple animal exhibits found throughout this stunning park. Kids will especially love the touch tank that gets them get up close to slimy and prickly undersea creatures. Parents, on the other hand, will appreciate the multiple sitting areas found throughout the park that enable a quick rest in the shade!

The Mariners’ Museum & Park

If you are a fan of all things nautical, you will want to carve out a day and spend it at the Mariners’ Museum and Park. It is a grand hotel that is staffed by friendly veterans who will talk your ear off about life at sea. In addition, fo all the Civil War buffs, there is a host of information and displays about the USS Monitor and CSS Virginia. For those who only have a passing interest in ships, may find it hard to spend a day here, but a few hours is great to learn a little about a nautical life!

The Noland Trail

If you are already at the Mariners’ Museum, you should take the opportunity and head directly over to the Noland Trail. This is a well-maintained trail that is going to allow you to enjoy the great outdoors as well as some incredible water views. It is not a hard trail and just bout everyone should be able to walk or run it. It is dog-friendly, so why not get Rover out of the car or hotel for a few hours while you are at it as well?

Now you have three worthwhile destinations for the day. Where are you going to go?